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Travel Diary – Norway’s adventure (day one)

Posted on 2nd May 2017

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15th January ’16
Day one.

Flying to Oslo – Here we are. Another trip, another story to tell.

It seems like yesterday when I booked my flight to Oslo but four months just flew by and here we are, getting ready to start a new adventure.
I spent these previous one hundred and five days trying to imagine the Scandinavian landscapes by looking at pictures. But you can only get to know the real beauty of a place when you get to explore it. And it is unbelievable to think that a couple of hours on a plane can bring you to a totally different place, with a totally different language and a completely different culture. Few more hours and my eyes will see what my mind tried to imagine for four long and endless months. Few more hours and the imagination will give space to the essence of reality.

Arrival in Oslo – Finally the dream came true!
I still cannot believe it. When you dream about something for so long and that happens, you just find it hard to believe. But here I am and I just want to make the best that I can from this adventure.
Once arrived at the Airport, I get the ticket on the shuttle bus that brings me to a little wooden building where I can wait for the train that heads to the city centre. I am wearing my heaviest jacket but that is not enough to protect myself from the cold. I can literally see my breathe and kind of regretting not bringing a few more sweaters. The train finally arrives and about fifty minutes later I arrive in Oslo Central Station. It is crazy how sometimes places you have never been to, create links with places that belong to your past. It is crazy how places you have never been to before, look and smell so familiar. And here I am in a place I have never been before but that reminds me of a memory that belongs to my childhood but that I am not able to identify.

Little Oslo exploration – Endless walks while trying to find the hotel.
The hotel is placed in Øvre Slottsgate, about nine minutes walking distance from the main train station. After several wrong tryings to find the right way, I finally see the hotel developed majestically in the distance. I am exhausted and all I want is a warm place and a good sleep for embarking on a very long and really full day tomorrow.

And when you are abroad, your mind just unplugs from the whole surrounding world. And it is free. Free to travel and dream. Good night world!

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